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“The Comeback Kid”: Review of PBS’ Clinton

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PBS’ new installment of The American Experience: the Presidents, a biography of 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, feels more like a drama than history.  Clinton paints a picture of a highly improbable president, born famously into impoverished circumstances in Hope, Arkansas, with a father who died before his birth and an alcoholic stepfather who beat his mother in front of the children.  Consequently, Clinton threw all of his efforts into his studies, laboring to redeem and rescue his family, and substituting a broken home life for an ersatz, popular persona at school.  Such a stratagem recurs throughout Clinton’s life: when situations become tough, Clinton pretends as though they are not happening.

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Obama: The Foreign Policy President? Part 1

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By Guest Blogger Ryan Berg

In last week’s midterm elections, Republicans made significant inroads in the House and Senate, governorships, and state legislatures across the country.  In the words of the President himself, he received a “shellacking.”  Whether voters delivered President Obama an ideological repudiation or gave Republicans a wide-sweeping “legislative mandate” is not my interest; rather, I am interested in what Obama can do moving forward, with an outlook to his prospects in the 2012 presidential election. Read the rest of this entry »