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RIP: Doris Haddock

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Ever since I started reading The Economist around eight or 10 years ago, I have always read the obituary at the end of the magazine. People’s lives fascinate me, and I appreciate that The Economist introduces me to people of whom I have never heard.

In this week’s issue, the obituary is of Doris Haddock.  At the impressive age of 93, Mrs. Haddock walked across America to champion campaign-finance reform. She ran for the Senate later in her 90s, and earlier this year, at the age of 100, pondered another walk or drive through the nation to protest the Supreme Court’s ruling on campaign-finance reform.

I admittedly stand opposed to her on this issue. Regardless, my difference of opinion does not prevent me from admiring her audacity, tenacity and energy. She apparently had verve and a unique way of championing her cause. Again, I admire her vitality. R.I.P.


Written by Russell S.

March 27, 2010 at 11:56 am

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