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Capitolism’s 2010 Strategic Plan

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In previous posts, I mentioned that I would create and publish a strategic plan for Capitolism. I completed the plan today and post it here for your review and commentary. I promised ambition, and hope this plan fulfills that promise.

This strategic plan outlines the key activities and goals for Capitolism in 2010. The key activities will drive the pursuit of the goals. I will pursue the goals as a mix of goals, and will not pursue one goal exclusively or to the detriment of the other goals. Indeed, I should focus more on the activities, because if I perform these activities to a high standard, the goals will take care of themselves. In other words, if I write high-quality posts with a unique viewpoint, obtaining 150 followers on Twitter will happen. But if I focus on simply getting 150 followers on Twitter, they will read a substandard product, they will not have and maintain a long-term interest in the blog and I will have diverted attention away from high-value activities.

Note also that I have “Increasing Blog Traffic” as an activity and as goals. This simply recognizes that focus on the right activities, at the correct productivity level, will help me achieve the goals.

Final note: This strategic plan will evolve over time. Other aspects of life may intervene and make these goals more difficult or impossible to achieve, and thus will require adjustment. Or, other factors may change which would necessitate a change. It will be a living document.

I. Key Activity: Improve blog quality.

Ultimately, great writing with unique perspectives will drive people to the blog. My primary concern will be to improve the quality of the blog. Three dimensions of quality will be addressed throughout the year.

1. Topics chosen.

Currently, I choose topics that spontaneously come to mind, come from my experiences in business and in management or pertain to issues about which I read an interesting article. These will continue to serve as the major sources of post ideas. However, the blog would benefit from a more thoughtful approach to choosing topics. Specifically, I must balance posts reacting to recent news or issues with other, non-reactive posts. A balance of roughly one reactive post to one non-reactive post will allow the blog to remain pertinent on current business issues, and yet still offer views on other important issues. Moreover, reaction posts, by their nature, will take less time and effort, which will allow me to focus additional effort on the non-reactive posts, which will generally be longer and more detailed.

2. Writing and editing.

No post should have spelling or grammatical errors. My writing will improve when I write the post, and then edit it. I have not always done a thorough editing job prior to posting. From now on, I will write every post and then perform a through editing job. Editing will involve copy-editing, but also a rigorous examination of the logic of the argument, the flow of the argument, the clarity of the writing and the force of the writing. I will make my writing active; each post should contain no more than one ‘being verb’ as a conscious aid to making my writing more forceful.

3. Look-and-feel.

In January, I changed the template of Capitolism. The new template utilizes more of the screen, has a better organization and feels ‘cleaner’ than the previous template. However, I still have never added photos or video or other media to engage readers. People learn in many ways, and Capitolism will display videos, photographs and other media that allow readers to digest the lessons of Capitolism in ways they want.

II. Key Activity: Increase blog traffic.

1. Improved blog quality.

Again, improved blog quality will drive increased blog traffic. Other efforts noted to increase blog traffic will come after this in priority.


In recent days, I have commented on a few articles in other publications. That effort has already resulted in several additional hits. Across the coming year, I will comment on additional articles and op-ed pieces. To help maintain the focus of Capitolism, I will concentrate on commenting to articles in the Wall Street Journal, the publication which most although I will also comment on articles in other publications.  The right activity level here: post two comments per week. 

3. Network.

Thus far, I have informed 80 family members, friends and former colleagues of the blog, which represents a fraction of my personal and professional network. For the next six to 12 months, I will inform people in my personal network of the blog. This endeavor remains personal, not professionally-focused, so I will inform fewer people in my professional network (mostly people who overlap between my personal and professional lives). I will examine the best timeframe in which to inform them of the blog. Depending on other activities in my personal life, I might let them know all at once, or in groups over time. However, my personal network remains a source of potential readers which I have not yet fully explored.

III. Goals

  1. Post an average of 15 posts per month.
  2. Have Real Clear Markets link to at least one of my blog posts in 2010.
  3. Have Capitolism mentioned in one article or op-ed, in any publication, by December 31, 2010.
  4. Have at least six blogs contain links to Capitolism by December 31, 2010.
  5. Have at least 150 followers on Twitter (
  6. Have at least 20 posts Retweeted on Twitter.
  7. Average at least 250 hits per day by December 31, 2010.
  8. Average four comments per post by December 31, 2010.

Written by Russell S.

February 9, 2010 at 10:32 pm

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