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Four for Thursday — Articles I’ve Read and You Should Too

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Today marks three months of Capitolism. Thanks for reading the blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it a least a little bit. I’ve enjoyed writing it immensely. Look for more posts, a new look, greater issue coverage, better features and even some guest writers early in the New Year. Best wishes for great joy and success in 2010.

Savers Stimulate, by John Tamny. As ever, Mr. Tamny gives us good fodder for thought. However, just because someone spends and thereby does not save, that the recipient of that money may save it. The recipient may put that money into productive use. So, net savings may increase by the same amount. But, his point remains valid – somewhere along the way, someone has to choose to save and build capital.

Eighty Small Business Twitterers to Follow. I have not looked into any of these blogs yet, but American Express provides a useful list. Maybe one day, Capitolism will appear on it.

How to Fix Your Finances in 2010, by Karen Blumenthal. Ms. Blumenthal offers sound counsel for improving your personal finances. Good article on the basics.

Michigan Forces Small Firms Into Unions, by Patrick Wright and Michael Jahr. If this article portrays the situation accurately, Michigan and the unions are acting despicably. In general, I see a place for unions in the business world, because some owners do not treat employees fairly, and a mechanism must exit to allow just treatment. But unions today have become mad-dogs – uncompromising in their positions, unbalanced in their politics, out of tune with the population (and, often, their members) on most issues, and unsophisticated in understanding the needs of the modern economy. Unions suffer from poor and corrupt leadership, just as Peter Drucker predicted 30 years ago. And now, because unions cannot make inroads in the private sector, they hold our government hostage. By the way, ‘our government’ means ‘our tax dollars.’


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