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Should One Tweet Get You a Job?

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Several news sources yesterday reported that a man got a job by posting one Tweet. Good for him, especially in this economy.

But should the company have hired him? From every account I have read, the only hiring step the company required was the Tweet. And while a single Tweet might have demonstrated the applicant’s social media savvy, it revealed nothing else. How has the person performed in previous jobs ? What is he like as an employee? Does he work well with others? Does his outlook and personality mesh with our culture? A single Tweet can answer none of these questions.

As Capitolism has argued before, companies should examine an applicant’s suitability for the job, but also assess his or her fit with the culture of the organization. People with the right skills have to utilize them in a culture that they like and admire. And an organization that does have the right culture for an employee is more likely to get the most out of that employee, in terms of skills, enthusiasm, effort, and so on. It would not surprise me to read in a few months that BFG Communicated regretted hiring this man, and only through a painful experience came to see the wisdom of screening for more than just the right skills.


Written by Russell S.

December 12, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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