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Four for Thursday: Articles I’ve Read and You Should Too

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Only Supply-Side Can Fix Deficit, by Rich Karlgaard. I do not know enough to evaluate whether supply-side economics works. But policies designed to temporarily prop up demand seem ineffective: whether a short-term or one-time tax cut, or a program like Cash for Clunkers. Sure, we saw a rise in GDP this quarter, but will it last?

Why Gold Matters, by Sham Gad. Mr. Gad offers a nice, crisp overview of the basics of gold investing, including practical pros, cons and alternatives. The article also offers some other good links for anyone wishing to explore the topic in greater depth.

The Army President Obama Has Yet to Deploy, by Cedric Muhammad. This is the first article I’ve read by Mr. Muhammad. I found it erratic and occasionally rambling, but a useful read. He gives some sound counsel to policymakers (drop capitol gains taxes to 10%), but mixes in some oddball ones (increase incentives to hire ex-criminals). His main point resonates though: any recovery will come through the empowerment and enablement of America’s small businesses.

The Dollar and the U.S. Economy, Interview with John Tamny. As always, John makes some excellent point, on gold, trade deficits, the dollar as the go-between currency of the world, among others.


Written by Russell S.

December 3, 2009 at 12:10 am

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