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Four for Thursday: Articles I’ve Read and You Should Too

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If you get too stuffed this weekend to watch football, below are four great reads. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone.

A Defense of Wall Street, by John Tamny.

Four Basic Elements of Stock Value, by Andrew Beattie. Nice summary with simple, easy-to-understand explanations.

Mayflower’s Pilgrim Capitalists, by Steven Malanga. First time I seen anything about William Bradford’s decision to align farms and work with families.

Old School Social Network, by Katherine Rosman.  In an age dedicated to building and ‘leveraging’ ever-expanding personal networks, we should remember that sometimes the best networks are, and remain, small. A person in a network is only useful, in a business sense, if he or she will act on your behalf. Will contact #456 on LinkedIn or #1016 on Facebook act on your behalf?


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