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Four for Thursday: Articles I’ve Read and You Should Too

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The week saw the President in China; questions about increasing trade tension between the U.S. and China; continued strength for gold; Goldman Sachs and Warren Buffett launch an effort to support small business; wonderment at the supposed strong dollar policy; and retailers wondering whether the holiday shopping season, which offiially opens in eight days, will bring good cheer.

The Debt Economy, by James Surowiecki.

Main Street Tells Wall Street – Get a Real Job, by Susan Antilla. Reading this, the intensity, the passion, the feeling behind the comments struck me.  Yes, I thought, people are angry at Wall Street — the bailout, the bonuses — but the intensity of the remarks made an impression.

Six Reasons Richard Russell Wants to Own Gold. Richard Russell writes Dow Theory Letters, and regularly criticizes the Federal Reserve and the Fed system. He writes in an entertaining style. You may not like the technical approach to investment analysis, but Russell makes cogent arguments. Always a good read.

China and the American Jobs Machine, by Robert Reich.


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