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Four for Thursday: Articles I’ve Read and You Should Too

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Tough week in the economy, even with the stock market gains: unemployment at 10.2% (and in reality probably much higher); small business lending remains in the dumps; gold hits a record; and the dollar continues to slide, even after Secretary Geithner reaffirms, in words, a strong dollar policy. Below are four great reads:

If Obama Is So Bad, Why are the Stock Markets Up?, by John Tamny, who argues the market has risen in response to President Obama’s key priorities floundering. Perhaps, but this run-up seems quite at odds with broader global economic reality. Is the market due for a fall after its nine-month rise?   

Which Will Win Out: Paper or Gold?, by William Rees-Mogg

A Weak Dollar Does Not Create Jobs, by Elizabeth MacDonald. By the way, George Will addresses the dollar’s decline today, a notable event because he does not often address economic matters.  

Review of Econoclasts, by Sean Rushton. (Full disclosure: Sean is a longtime friend and former colleague.)


Written by Russell S.

November 12, 2009 at 12:47 pm

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